Before we began talking about our visual rebrand, we focused on finding the tone that we wanted to portray. When we first started, Collectif was just the name that we had fun making films under. Since then, we’ve grown a lot. We began taking on client work and got better at understanding businesses’ needs and helping them build their visual identity. Our work went from film to primarily branding & web projects. As with most companies starting out, we wanted to appear professional when we started. We had to prove that we were large enough to hire and not just two friends having fun.

With the redesign, we wanted to strike a balance between presenting ourselves as knowledgable and fun. We wanted to appear professional, and we also want to share our knowledge in a clear and approachable way. We don’t want to impress our clients & friends by using jargon, we want to convey our expertise by using plain, simple language.

Our goal is to help people by building identities for their business, or help them present information with a website. We don’t want to cover that process in mystery by using intimidating words. We can only be effective at helping our clients if we effectively communicate.

We hope this new tone better fits with our own personalities and matches the experience of working with us. We want to pair good work with an enjoyable experience.